Open That Door!!

28th june, 2015 OPEN “There’s always a way to open any door” I saw this tagline on the entry gate of a fancy store today while getting out of it. I stared for around 10 read that, smiled and i wondered how beautifully people are using their beautiful mind to motivate others. And a … More Open That Door!!

Heavy Words!

sorry! sorry for going against u! It was not my intention to hurt you, to hurt your feelings, to distract the way u want me to live but unfortunately it became opposite.The way of my life and the way u selected for me are just lying at opposite poles. I know your decision was also … More Heavy Words!


“One cigarette please” The sound of lighting a matchstick, the smell it spreads, the burning of the cigarette tip, those tobacco pieces, the smoke rising up in the air with the drag taken inside the throat. A cup of TEA alongside. Those chitchats, arguments, shouts, laughs, mocks with every sip of the tea. This is … More THE TEASHOP!!


A PHYSICAL injury, pain in any part of the body hurts a lot. But the pain is confined to that part only. Few days of medication and it will be all gone. But, any EMOTIONAL injury, pain in heart hurts much more than anything else. God! The whole body, from the roof of the head … More THE PAIN!!

Hello world!

Let’s have a very healthy blogging life. Let’s put down the feelings of every conditions that i go through my life. Let’s share everything, happiness and sorrows. Let’s multiply the joy and subtract the sadness to feel better, to live a happy and sound life. Happy blogging!