“One cigarette please”

The sound of lighting a matchstick, the smell it spreads, the burning of the cigarette tip, those tobacco pieces, the smoke rising up in the air with the drag taken inside the throat.

A cup of TEA alongside. Those chitchats, arguments, shouts, laughs, mocks with every sip of the tea.

This is what goes on in every normal teashop with unemployed (mostly) guys i  pursuit of killing the time. To escape through the boring summer or to rejoice the frozen winter with the hot liquid flowing inside the body.

Their gossips usually are nonsensical indeed like the words escaping their Adam’s apple without any specific reason. Like the talking of the girls, chicks they would whistle in the streets HYPNOTIZED by their fronts and backs. The girls with whom they chatted the last night in facebook or viber. The one whom they were trying to set with some sweet talks. And also one with whom they flirted or talked dirty. They’d talk every possible talks about girls mostly which would make them feel better in any horrible condition of their mind. To find the PIECE of mind.

But sometimes the gossip are interesting though. Maybe they’d talk about football and argue with each other regarding their favorite teams. If feels like if they were the players they would have lost no games at all. But they were just the spectators who doesn’t know what really goes on in the real pitch.

And there’d be political talks rarely as they have no idea about it. That would be senseless though.

“More teacups please”

A cup of tea in never enough to pass the evening. Neither a cigarette is. They’d lit more cigarettes like a chain smoker with the other cup of tea already served.

It’s a subject to wonder what those teashop owners think about them. Do they ever pity them of being like this? Do they ever advice them anything to bring them in the right path? Do they ever stop them from the regular order of tea and cigarette like their own relatives? Or do they don’t give a damn whatever those smokers do just for the sake of their business?

Maybe they don’t, they’d serve any amount of cups of tea and cigarette they order. Because it’s the matter of their business not the future of those guys.

So, the gossips will continue among them. This time they’d talk about life, career and money. In this case, they act as they are the greatest philosophers in the world, like they know everything, they have the knowledge of everything in the world.
And they are good for nothing they’d be like their life is shit among all other’s as if they are pushing all they can, trying all the possible routes and still they are at the zero level. But the reality is they aren’t even trying to crawl through the path of their life. Moving, running and flaying are too far away from them.

‘Every unemployed person says that he’s not a money oriented man.’ This statement is heard much within this group comprising the teacups and cigarettes.

Smokes flying up in the air making different shapes, dancing with the air, ashes falling down in the ashtray, the faces disappearing literally in the smoky environment, sounds of those sips of tea, emptying cups and gossips.
The cigarette, their life. Their dreams, the smoke and themselves, the ashes. They are letting their dreams escape their life slowly upwards with themselves falling down detaching from their life. And there is no way to revive the life again. With the sips of tea they take, it feels like they are emptying the cup of their dreams without savoring the taste of the real life.

This is so awful, ridiculous that they are wasting the most precious thing in the world ‘TIME’. Neither they have achieved anything nor they are enthusiastic enough to fight. All they have left is ‘HOPE’.
And i am alongside them witnessing all these HORSESHIT.


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