We Weren’t Meant For Each Other.

“I wish i had known you earlier.” he said.
“Me too.” with a low tone voice she agreed.
An awkward silence.
He takes a sip of coffee. To pass that silence she did as well.

“I wish we hadn’t stopped talking.” she reignited the topic.
“You did.” he couldn’t make the eye contact. looking outside the window he said making a grimace face.
“What? did i really?” A bit of anger blasted through her words.
“Yes. you did.” looking at her straight.
“It was you rather.”
“No. It wasn’t me.””you were the one to lose contact first.” with red blooded face she said.
“Oh! now it comes to me. Remind the last 2 years of your life dear and remember who was the one to say we can’t go ahead like this.” his frustration needed to get out.
“No. i didn’t mean that.”
“So, what does that mean? see, i understand the normal language and according to my knowledge you mean to maintain distance and so that’s what i did.” his volume turned up little high.

Everyone stare at them. That was weird and they stopped for a minute. Boy got a call, picks up. It was his friend calling him to meet up. That wasn’t a good mood and he got a perfect way to let his anger and frustration escape.
She took another sip of coffee.

“You could’ve stopped me.” she said.
“After all that you told me, i had no guts to do that. All i could do was to leave you free as you wanted.” Heads down.
“A good friend never leaves free.”
“Well, i had no choice. You were being serious and that was real bad situation for me.” Felling the helplessness he said.

She is speechless. Maybe she regrets it much more than him. Starts being a bit emotional.

“We could’ve been together but we ruined ourselves.” he said breaking the silence.
“Yes. We did. Had i not said those things and had you stopped me, we wouldn’t have been in such condition today.” Felling the guilt she said.
“Let’s leave it. It was our mistake. We did it. We realise that’s enough.” Hands covering his face and taking long breathes.
“M sorry.”
“Me too.”
“Don’t be. It wasn’t your fault. It was mine.” Drops of tears rolling down her cheeks.
“Oh! please. Don’t blame yourself. It was us, both of us. We couldn’t handle it and we are having the consequences today. I take the responsibility also.” comforting her.
“I appreciate your support. Thank you!” wiping away the tears.
“Keep your thanks with yourself. You may need it for some other people.” With a broad smile he said cheering her up again.

Boy takes the last sip of his coffee emptying his cup. The cup, ceramic cup, white colored with roses and a couple printed on it and written ‘we are meant for each other‘.

“Go on. Finish your coffee. We’ve got to walk also.” He summons her.
“No. Let’s leave. I don’t feel like having more. Let’s walk.”

Both get up from the table. Boy pays the bill and they leave the cafe. Just above the entry gate there’s a signboard saying ‘ Mansoon cafe. we are here to serve you the warmth you need.’
It was a good evening. It had rained a few hours ago. The cool air making her hair dance, the kids playing by  the roadside, tea stalls, people rejoicing the good time with their families, couples gossiping in the cafe, some holding hands together and walking. It was romantic indeed.

“So, how’s it going?” he started the conversation again.
“what?” she got confused.
“With him. with your boy friend.” Puts his hands in his jeans pockets and looks down.
“Oh! ah its good. It’s fine.” she replied.
“Nice” all he could say.
“And yours?” she wanted to know as well.
“Not that good not that bad.”
“what do you mean? what happen? is everything all right?” she asked in a supportive manner.
“Just. We’re going through hard time. Maybe it won’t go long.”
“why’s that? you should make everything fine.” Maybe she really don’t want to say this but she had to.
“Let’s see what happens. I can’t be sure of everything.”
“Okay. I hope it’ll be fine soon. And i want you to make sure that i’m here whenever you need. I just want you to be ok.” Trying to make him feel good she said.
“Thank you. That was so generous of you.” Trying to make a sweet curve in his face.
“Now, i don’t need your thanks. You may need somewhere else.”

Laughingly she returned what he has told a few moments earlier.
A comfortable laugh broke up between them.

“Oh! God. it feels so good.” He expressed his pleasure he was having with her.
“what?” she raised the curiosity.
“You girls. you know everything still you want to hear. no?”
“Hehe. then tell me.” she makes her face attractive to lure him.
“That it feels good talking and walking again with you like this.”

she couldn’t reply but just gave a big smile. And that smile with a beautiful look was speaking more than she could express via her words. Maybe this is what the connection of hearts create. The eyes speak more than the words.

“I really miss those days.” He again returned to the past.
“Me too. A lot.” she agreed.
“Hey! can i ask you something?” Looking at her.
“Yes. Go ahead.”
“Aren’t we really meant for each other?” he asked with lots of sentiments.

A bike came along the way with loud horn. He grabbed her and pulled towards a side to make her safe.

“M sorry. I didn’t hear you. Can you repeat?” she asked.
“No. Its not much important. Leave it.” He had no guts to repeat.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes i am.”

Well, she had heard the question clearly. It’s just that she had no words to answer him so she feigned as she heard nothing.
They came across her resident area. She had to run home now as she fears of people seeing them and spreading rumours.

“I must go now. We shouldn’t be walking in this street together.” she suggested
No. Let me escort you to your home. Let me walk with you a bit more. Let me spend some more time with you.” he wanted to say this but couldn’t.
“Okay. You can go now. I’ll return from here.” he said.
“Okay then. see you soon. Take care.” she waved her hands and left him making her eyes wet yet again and thinking ‘maybe we aren’t meant for each other.’
Okay. Bye.” He said in weak tone not knowing if they will meet again.

He stood there like an statue. She walked away from him. Her smell slowly fading away. Her words, expressions, smiles everything going away from him. He really doubt if those beautiful things will return to his life again, to make his life more meaningful. Emotions, feelings were boiling inside him. They just wanted a path to get out. Tears. It’s the one and only way to let them vanish from him and it happened. The crystal clear tears flowing down his face and her smiling face seen clearly within those drops. He was broken into pieces indeed. But he couldn’t help himself. All he was left with was her footsteps. He just stared her until she faded away, until she turned the direction from a junction.

He wiped all his tears and walked home.



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