Open That Door!!

28th june, 2015

“There’s always a way to open any door”

I saw this tagline on the entry gate of a fancy store today while getting out of it. I stared for around 10 read that, smiled and i wondered how beautifully people are using their beautiful mind to motivate others.

And a kind of feeling came in my mind,” Anything can be a source of inspiration.” No matter where and how it has been written or said.
And yes, that somehow became an inspiration to me.
It really poked me in my heart. And somewhere deep down in my heart i got the best slogan for my current life.

Yes, i am hollow from inside now. Nothing within me. I do want to open that door. I do want to find that way. I want to enter. And to do all of these i do have that desperate mind, excited heart and enchanted soul.
How can i do this? How should i open that door? Should i wait for the right time or should i take the initiative myself? Do I need to search that best way or will it come towards me when the favourable time and condition arrives?

I am totally confused. I don’t even have the idea about do’s and dont’s. I am distracted. I am diverted. Totally frustrated. This is making me go inane more and more. And i think this shouldn’t have happened to me.

All i have left is ‘HOPE’. I am literally dangling by this subtle thing. I don’t know when will it take me to that peak or it may break off taking me down to earth.

HELP is all i need.


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