The unexpressed Love !

“Wow! a piece of heaven.” I screamed out in excitement.
I didn’t know where was i but it was so damn heavenly place. I was at the top of a mountain. River flowing down below. Greenary everywhere. Flowers of different colours, birds chirping around. Me, only me to swallow that divine pleasure.
And the cool wind was just perfect to rejoice that moment.

Heavy wind kissed my topless body. It was freezing cold.
I got my eyes opened, i woke up.
I realized i saw a dream designed beautifully in some wonderful place.

It was too dark. Loadshedding time maybe.
Then i went 3 hours back in my life.

It was almost 11pm. I was in the hall doing something in my laptop with the t.v on, ten action was broadcasting a football match. I was feeling so tired and exhausted, my eyes were ready to shut down. Then, i didn’t actually know when did i doze off.”

Then i got to know i felt asleep leaving all those things as they were, t.v running, laptop working. And me, i was just lying on the floor with no blanket and pillow. Everything scattered all around.

Back in the present:
That heavy wind had came from the door which got opened few seconds earlier. It felt really cold and i compressed myself.
As soon as i regained the consciousness, i wanted to wake up, close the door, put a blanket on me and sleep again.

But, Something terrible i heard. I heard footsteps of someone, something coming towards me.
So, i got alerted that the door wasn’t opened itself but by someone.
Millions of thoughts started to hover around my mind. Who is it? A thief? A thug? or some animal?
God! that scared the hell out of me. I couldn’t move. My whole internal parts were shaking now. But my external body parts couldn’t move an inch. I tightened myself trying to surpass the fear. I clenched my fist as well. My heartbeat was so fast and loud that i doubted he might hear it and kill if off. My eyes were opening a moment ago but now i have no guts to do that either. I didn’t want to have a single glimpse of whatever that was. So, i had to close them.Now, there was more darkness than that loadshedding had created. Darkness in my mind, darkness in my heart.

The footsteps, now they were coming closer and closer. I got myself sure that it was of a human being. They were approaching too slowly and my fear increasing just in the opposite manner. And i was just unable to tear up those fears.

I heard the sound of switches. I got a series of doubts. What does he want? He wants to switch on the light before looting everything here? What a fool, i thought.
Then, i felt him picking up all the things that i left the other night there on the floor. I solely believed that he was a thug for sure. He was taking everything around me.

I opened one  of my eyes very slowly. I came to know that he was having a torch. I saw him approaching towards my laptop. Then, he just closed the laptop’s lid and picked it up. Now, that he took my laptop i was too worried, too angry. I just wanted to wake up, catch that guy, punch him, kick his ass, demolish him and call everybody. But i just couldn’t do that, i was so hopeless. For a second i spitted on myself for being such a coward.

I closed my eyes again.

After all that, what he did completely shocked me. I felt something on me, something soft, something warm. It was a blanket and he had put it on me. Maybe after getting everything around he atleast thought of doing this good deed for the sake of humanity.( Funny feeling in my mind )
And the footsteps now started to fade away. I knew that he was leaving now.

Then, i slowly uncovered myself from the blanket, turned my head towards the door.
The moment he left the hall, i saw him, his body shape, his height. And he was my ‘DAD’.

I felt so relaxed, relieved. I got myself calmed down. A feeling rushed in my mind,’how stupid i was?’

Then i searched my phone, pressed the lock button.
It showed:
Monday, 19 January

I switched the flashlight on and saw everything that was around me was in their respective place. My laptop too. He was there to check me out. I smiled and packed myself again inside the blanket.

//The most unexpressed and unspoken love- Father’s love//


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