It feels great. It feels nice.
Getting wet in rain.

People use to get wet in rain to be romantic imo. They either do it with their partner to feel that love and mingle together. Well, I never did such thing. Not for the sake of romanticism. Never.
But today, the scenario is different. The condition i am going through is completely different that i have never went through.I am in such a lachrymose condition. I am broken and i am blighted.

It’s raining heavily. And It make me feel like every tear, every trouble and sorrow of mine got vanished. They all escaped through me with these raindrops striking my body and flowing through every part, leaving via my foot.
I have no idea where i am heading to and what i am doing?
I acknowledge that everything i am doing is going in wrong direction. I may have taken a wrong turn.And it’s no secret that i knew already that it would happen. At last i would be the one who will be destroyed. I would be the one who will have to suffer. I would be the who will have to sacrifice.

It’s just terrible.It’s just too bad more than i deserved and i abhor it. I haven’t got a single way that would lead me to the safer place. To a haven.

Yes, i have already been in this way. A wrong way. Now, i have to get myself going here. I’ve to be strong enough to hold myself firmly in this path. To ensconce myself. To escort myself. But it just don’t feel any good. That excitement, that zeal, that feeling and that enthusiasm. Everything has disappeared from me. I’m lost. I’m drowned. I’m solely oblivious about everything.

Now, i am searching for a way to get out of it. I desperately need this. I’ve to be out of it or i should fix everything right here right now.
And it’s not gonna be so easy for me either. Not impossible but it will be too knotty. Making myself free from all these boiling emotions, letting go all those feelings and getting myself again in that path from where i took that wrong turn is just out of my control.

I have to make myself adroit. For all these hinders, obstacles i should make myself prepared with a bulwark. Else i may go deeper and deeper. I may get locked there. I may be intangible that nobody will fine me, nobody will get to know that i am suffering in that worst zone and i will decay there and maybe that will be the end for sure.

Still, I HOPE everything BODES well.


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