“Here i am”, he whispered giving a short glimpse towards his left.
There it was, written in the bold letters in golden color on the entry gate. Just below the name of the cafe, few special items were written as a list that most people prefer to have.
There’s this guy. He parked his bike just in front of it by the side of the busy traffic road. Took the helmet out and managed his hair. Maybe this is the first thing all the guys do after getting off the bike. Too sensitive about their hair style, eh.
Actually this was the first time he was going to visit that place even though he had heard a lot about this before. And he was nervous too.
He took out his mobile from his pocket. The time was 2:15. The one thing people do in the public whenever they fill they are alone. People just take out the phone, unlock it, swipe across the screen, check out the unimportant messages, go through viber, whatsapp or even the gallery just for the sake of avoiding that solitude.
He did the same, went through some of these unnecessary stuffs.
“Should i call her?”, he asked to himself.
“No. you just called her 5 min. ago and she didn’t pick up the call. Maybe she is on the way.” he got the reply from his inner heart.
But then the other part of his heart didn’t agree with that and said,”you must call her. It may be impressive if you call her again and again and made her feel like you are waiting her for a long time.”
“Hey, you dumbass. It’s so silly to think like that. Maybe it’ll be irritating to her. so, just wait. she’ll come ASAP or call back. just chill.” another part suggested.
Few minutes gone. He kept standing over there like he was waiting someone.
He gave a glance again at that cafe gate. There was a guard standing. He thought maybe he’s noticing him. He may have also predicted that he’ll eventually be inside the cafe in few minutes.
He thought to wait her inside the cafe.
Then there was again this another part of heart thing. It said,”no wait. wait for her. It’ll be good if u both enter inside together.”
“Okay. That’ll be nice.” he assuaged himself.
Unlocked the phone once again. It was around 2:25 already. She had told him that she’ll be at around 2:15.
Now, many more feelings were being generated in his mind. “Is she really coming? has she dodged me? is she been stucked in some traffic jam? has she gone somewhere ignoring this ‘first meet’ with me?“. he became nerve. he started deliberating over it.
Then he called her.
“Sorry! i had the lectures till late today. I’ll be coming in few minutes.” she said from other side.
“Okay then, i’ll be waiting you here.” he gave a tender reply.
He got relieved. Thank god! nothing wrong had happened that led him to cause the antipathy within him.
He went inside. The guard opened the door for him. He thanked him. However, He didn’t like it. Anyone superior and opening the door to you just seems too boorish. But, it was his job and he had to do it. That’s the rule nobody can deny.
He then chose a table for them. A small table with nothing over it. Two sofas in the two sides. It’ll be nice being just in front of each other in the comfortable way he thought. He just put his helmet there in the proper manner. Sometimes, these types of subtle things also effect in the impression. That was too much of thinking. LOL. He took out his jacket and put it aside his sofa. And tried to get himself that SERENITY, that TRANQUILITY he needed.
An obsequious waiter came providing him the two sets of menu.
K linuhuncha? what will you have?”, he asked very politely.
ekchinpachi vanchu ni la. i’ll order later okay”, he replied in the same manner and then the waiter left.
His phone rang. It was her. He thought maybe she had arrived already. He picked up the phone.
“Hey! m coming. I’m leaving from here. It’ll take around 15 min.”she said in convincing tone.
“Okay. I’m in already. I’ll be waiting here.” the guy said.
Now, that she was really on the way, he started getting more nervous. Maybe it’s his behaviour that he’s too shy or the condition that it was the first meet. He actually had different things going through his mind in the meantime.
what should be my first sentence to her? what should i say? how should i react? what and how should i reply to her questions? should i question her or should i only reply? maybe i have to do both. but what if i got too nervous? what if i choke the words?”
“Come on. Don’t eradicate yourself. You’re not like that. It’ll be fine after she arrives. You’ll do good.” that another part was suggesting.
Now, it was his phone only who was accompanying him for that time. He did some group chats which he usually don’t prefer to do.
And he was constantly looking towards the gate to check if she had arrived.
After few min. his phone rang again and it was her again. Now, the time had finally came. She arrived there, he can confirm by that phone call. Finally, God had delivered him some really fine present.
kaha chau timi? where are you?” she asked.
bhitra nai chu. aau. i’m inside the cafe. come in.”
He looked back towards the gate and there SHE was holding her purse and jacket and walking through the gate.
He was like “Oh! god, its happening. It really is”. He just pretended being busy in his phone and stayed calm in that cosy sofa.
He heard her real voice for the first time thanking that same guard whom he did already earlier.
she had really good enunciation, he thought.
Now that she was stepping towards that table. He took his eyes up and saw something really grandiose. There she was standing just beside his sofa. Fine height, impressive body shape, curly hair, that pretty face with a big curve on her lips. It was like something really magnificent, splendid. He acclaimed her beauty. More beautiful than the shining moon on the clear sky, than the rose smiling between those thrones, than the springs and fountains adding the beauties, more than anything that makes anyone feel pleasure. His heart was literally pounding and she was creditable indeed.  He could feel the words erupting from his heart,”god has created you in a free time.”
“Hey! how are you?”, she asked in such a confidence that didn’t make him feel like they were meeting for the first time and that was the first sentence they’ve shared ever. Before he replied she continued herself,”it’s so hot”,”m sorry i’m late”,”how much have you waited?” and she was there fanning herself with that menu sheet.
“just 15 min.around.” he could only reply that.
There were those waiters, workers of that cafe who were noticing him alone earlier. Now, that she had came, they knew what was the case and now they were gluing their eyes towards them and it was making him more shy.
More nervousness went through him. His internal parts were shaking and words were choking in his throat. He could do nothing more than to stare her. Her beautiful glowing face.
“Oh god! it’s so awkward. Stop staring at me.” there she was asking him.
All he could do was smile.
Then the conversation started to climb up slowly. They started getting themselves comfortable and they were talking good. And suddenly there would be this awkward pause. They would think that they don’t have much subject to talk about. “What should we continue with? what should i tell? what should i ask? or should i wait for his/her question?“, both would think these in that pause break.
“it’s an awkward pause.” she would mention.
“it’s out first meet. it’s obvious and it’s must too.” he’d reply in corrective way.
Another waitress approached them and asked them if they wanna have anything.
“You’re feeling hot. Cold drink?” he asked.
“Okay. Coke.” she answered.
“Two Cokes please.” the guy ordered.
Someone’s phone rang. It was her’s. She picked up and talked just for a minute maybe. She later said it was her friend.
Just they were resuming their talk it happened again. She apologized for it and picked up the call. It was her friend too with whom she talked for less than a min.
Actually it feels bad when someone is with you, you’re talking and suddenly from nowhere that stuff called ‘phone’ rings or vibrates to keep him/her busy. He felt kind of like that but later it was so silent with that so it was fine.
They were served with two glasses of coke. She had a sip but he didn’t.
Then, there were talks, tender smiles, laughs, again awkward pause, nervousness and all. Besides, they were also checking time frequently so that she could go home on time and  she won’t have to bear any trouble.
Then there was this moment also which shouldn’t have happened at least in that first day. She got mad at him as he said something. Now, it was a portent to him that he should think twice while speaking and he got to know she isn’t that docile girl. That moment was completely disastrous for him. He bemoaned. He was lachrymose indeed. And there she was billowing, swelling with anger. Her face turning into red, he could see. He was afraid if she wont talk with him, leave with everything as they are. He was too worried. He apologized. She took time of a min. and then she was okay.
There he was with that breath of relief, peace of mind.
Within all those talks and dramas they had forgotten to drink that coke they were served. It’s quite doubtful whether they really forgot or hesitate to drink.
It’s really an interesting thing. When people meet for the first time, what on earth goes in their freaking mind that makes them feel hesitate to eat/drink even. Is it a crime? Is it some illegal thing that shouldn’t be done in public? What is it? Why does it happen? It’s still enigmatic though.
She checked the phone. It was 4pm already. She was reminding him that she had to go somewhere then to home. So, it’ll be late for her if they stay more there.
Well, no doubt he wanted to spend more time with her no matter it was awkward or weird or uncomfortable. He just wanted taste that weirdness as well. He wanted to live that moment to the fullest. He wanted to stop the time, Stop the revolution of the earth, stop everything. He wanted it like, everything to be paused for sometime and only them to be feeling that moment. To make that time one of their unforgettable memories, to be quoted in their heart forever, to be remembered till they live. He wanted more and more like he can’t help himself from wishing like that. Like his heart never stops demanding. It was a fact though, it was so nice for them to be together.
But, TIME, the most potent thing of all. No one can stop it, no one can go beyond it. They have to obey the rules of it, the one who doesn’t will be out of the league.
With a strong heart he had to accept to leave for that day. He wanted to go with her like a company though. But she denied and against her denial he couldn’t do anything. Everything had to be accepted and he did sincerely.
Mercy to that coke. They finally drank that.
He got up to pay the bill. He was trying all his best to do everything in a proper way not to leave any bad impression to her like a gentleman,eh.
They took all their belongings and headed towards the exit.
It was again that guard opening the door. He wanted to do it by himself though. At least for her, it would’ve looked so sweet but he couldn’t. Pity on him.
They went first to the girl’s scooter. He had seen her picture with scooter in Facebook like 2 years ago and he had remembered that. She was really shocked when he showed her scooter by himself in that crowd parking.
she took out scarf with black background and white colored designs. She put it around her neck. Gosh! that was so perfect in her fair-complexioned face. He can’t stop himself saying,”That looks so beautiful.” she smiled and appreciated the compliment.
He wanted to let her go first and then to leave but she didn’t want to. Again he had to do as she wanted. He took out his bike, he hoped she wouldn’t be like,”ewww, what a lol type bike.” he hadn’t that renown bike as well.
Then as she summoned, he turned the way. Now, the way they were heading was just opposite. They were waving hands to each other saying bye.
He geared up, accelerated, and rolled up the wheels like they were dying to roll with one thing in his mind,”May the paths of our life wouldn’t be opposite like this.”


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