It was Friday evening. I was with my best buddies. We had no plans and had no idea how to make that leisure time worthy. Then, one of us mentioned the name ‘swayambhu’, and we all immediately agreed to that thought. We just took out our bikes and geared up towards swayambhu route.

‘Swayambhu’, I used to consider it as the most peaceful place in this dusty and crowded Kathmandu. People used to climb up there whenever they feel like stressed and get all the tranquility they want. We used to do that same sometimes. I remember the time when me and my cousin once went there few years ago. That was really a congenial time we had there. Climbing up those stairs with greenery around, then at the top the buddha stupas, those peaceful eyes of buddha, diyos lighting all around, their smell and the most pleasant thing is the view of Kathmandu city from there. Wow! That was really amusing.

This is all I kept playing in my mind while we were accelerating towards there through the horribly dusty ring road.

Actually, I was quite eager to visit swayambhu since I was here at Kathmandu. The reason was not to feel that calmness of the scene over there but to check out all the damages made by the huge ‘earthquake 2015’ in Nepal earlier in this year two months ago.

We reached there. We climbed the same stairs up looking around and noticing the damages already. And as soon as we reached the top, it was devastating. The beauty of those stupas, houses, not a single thing was the same as before. My god! The time when we used to have the peace over there is now only a history. We can no more feel the same above there.

Earthquake, dammit! It blighted everything. It swept everything.

I watched closely everything over there. The cracked houses, the unmanaged things making everything tumultuous, the broken stupas, the fallen bricks everywhere, those eyes of peace seemed like there will be tears in no more time. Seriously, it was not the same swayambhu we used to visit before.

But still, the one thing that the earthquake couldn’t broke was the religious belief people had and still have. I saw a lot people going up there, watching all those things, someone worshiping as well, lighting diyos, some enjoying the view of Kathmandu from there, some taking photographs, maybe capturing all those damages in the photograph was something good to have flash back of that shaking time.

While I was thinking about the negligence of our government for not maintaining the disorder of such a historic place even for such a long time already, I saw a man sitting there on the newspapers, holding one chart paper, a plate of paints in front of him, a paintbrush in his hand, and only an umbrella to protect himself from the unpredictable rain lying beside him. I went closer and something amazing I got to see. He was painting that broken stupa in front of him and I was really astounded by the beauty of his art. My gosh! It was like someone clicked the picture and scanned it over there.

Like us, other people would come and watch his art, take photographs and go away. Probably they wouldn’t keep that in their gallery for more time even. They will just consider that as happened to be just an another thing in their daily routine.

The another thing that wasn’t affected by the earthquake was the view we could see the view of our capital city from there. We just stepped up on a small platform, I really didn’t have idea where it came from and what was the purpose of that before. We just started enjoying the views at that pleasant time with breeze blowing around and clouds gradually being black showing the sign of rain in the next hour.

I was thinking about that man and his effort from his side to save the beauty of that stupa. A man, who maybe doesn’t even have a loaded pocket to eat twice a day, a man who mayn’t have strong four walls and a ceiling to pack himself into, he was there to think about the natural beauty and historic eminence we used to have. At least, he spilled out them in his chartpaper with the help of that tiny paintbrush and it really meant a lot. At least, I thought like that. While, on the other hand our government and these venal politicians, every one of them are an asshole. Why would they care about all of these, they are just in that position to fill up their bank accounts only. I don’t know much about politics, so better not to talk more about that. But, this is what everyone says, they have done not a single thing, not taken a single action towards rebuilding the beauty of those broken places.

And that man, won my heart maybe hundreds of hearts who visited swayambhu recently. And no wonder, he wont be in any newspaper, in any news for doing such an extravagant thing, because its Nepal. It is what we all are facing since a long time.

I can’t do anything more than saluting him for his work. I suppose maybe in few months of time, we all will see that fantastic job of that man in some news or somewhere.

We appreciated the effort of that man, venerated from our side and walked down the stairs hoping that It will be the same as before someday.

We took our bikes and stormed from there.



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