Good Friday !!

They call it Good Friday.

Actually I acted like an oiled machine this whole day, as my horoscope said. From the usual monotonous day, I slightly changed my schedule and did some productive stuffs for myself. Thank god, I didn’t sleep like a dead body throughout the sunny day that would ruin my whole evening.

It was 5 pm. As I had spent the whole day in my congenial room, I now felt like the need to have fresh air.

I immediately called my cousin and asked him if he can manage time to meet up. No doubt he agreed, as he always do. We unanimously made a decision to meet up at jawalakhel chowk and hung up the phone.

I was in quite good mood, to flush out all the exacerbating things that I went through in the day time. They actually vandalized me and were kind of brainwashing.

I hurriedly got dressed up, casual wear. Red sweater, black jeans, blue converse shoe. And glad that there was no need to ride bike today just because if i had to ride bike then I would have to wear helmets and that would have sabotaged my hair style. Eh…

There I was. Jawalakhel chowk.

There’s this park type capacious area. A number of sitting benches placed around it, tiny tea shop at one side, jawalakhel football ground at the back of one side and the busy road at other. No wonder street dogs at the centre..haha

I had to wait him there. I thought i would have a good time pass till then sitting there and enjoying the gregarious environment.

I quickly searched for a vacant bench, I sat down. Right beside me in that bench there was an old woman. I took out my phone, wanted to call him and inform that I already was there and will be waiting for him. But then I realized his phone will hang up or stop working after getting a missed call. We still don’t know what the fuck is wrong with iphone. So, I just texted him giving him the exact location of mine.

I moved my docile eyes to every corner, ever benches, everywhere.
Firstly, that old woman beside me, she was checking her wrist watch again and again. Maybe she was waiting for someone or just making sure to herself not to get home let. I kinda generated this feeling of talking to her. One of my friends used to suggest me talking to old people actually is a fun or say good thing provided that you are a good listener and appreciate everything that they speak out. Actually that could’ve been my best time pass at that prosaic moment but I just couldn’t get that thread to begin our conversation. No strings attached. I just let her be.

I took my eyes somewhere else. Oh! That busy road, that was worth watching. A myriad of vehicles moving around that circular chowk. I really am shocked with such heavy traffic. But it was an evening time, time when every offices, colleges, schools get closed and everyone needs to run home. It was obvious to expect a heavy traffic. What a silly thought I had.

I saw a red pulsar coming towards my side. I thought it was him but that green t-shirt he was wearing instantly compelled me to make my verdict that he was definitely not the guy whom I was looking for, my cousin.

I, then confined my eyes within that space that I mentioned earlier. There were every type of people sitting there. From children to senior citizens. Mostly there were old people. Maybe they must’ve got bored staying in their home and wanted to hang out a bit. I could see that wistful feelings in their eyes, smiling faces seeing small kids playing in front of them. I could empathize myself, how nostalgic they must be feeling. They probably must be wishing if only they could get those days back in their life but alas no one gonna address their wish. And the most dreadful thing is that they will never be getting those days back instead they gonna have their end soon. I feel so obnoxious stating this. I just wish they may have a good time till then.

Apart from those old people, couples outnumbered any of the other kind of people there. I could see a few couples. Some just walking around, some giggling in their own world, some cuddling being too impulsive (man! Nepal is changing at least through these kind of stuffs) and some just having something to eat, sharing their love with every bite of it.

p.s. I didn’t even notice that I was all alone there leaving a seat beside me vacant. Eh!

I heard someone speaking English in very exotic tone behind me. I turned my head around and I saw few Americans, don’t know if they are tourists here to visit Nepal or they are staying here for a long time. Because I’ve seen lots of foreign people living over here, being oblivious about the exact idea what they do here in Nepal. I could see a lot of them now walking right in front of us. My lord ! wot do these people eat, i wonder what they do for their growth harmone. Two of them, maybe a couple were holding hands and were being romantic. For them everyone must be so imaginary in that area. Wow! Americans, you people are acting as fillers to fill up these kind of frivolous things in nepali youngster’s minds which they are sincerely following. May god help Nepal to raise at least in aspect of these things.

ting’ a tone from my phone, I heard. It was from ‘batti gayo’ application warning that loadshedding will start after 5 min. I realized it was 5:55 pm. Fantastic! Mercy to all of us, Nepalese. Second richest country in water resources after brazil and still have to endure the pain of running out of electricity. Still we are so driven by technology that almost everyone has iphone in their hand and an application running to check out the loadshedding schedule. Bitter irony.

Now, that the dogs barking and nuzzling earlier right in front of everyone started getting involved in sexual activity. (Bitches and  sons of bitches). God! That was so embarrassing. I turned my head around and smirked in hesitation. Thanks to some boys riding rickshaw came across their way and disrupted them.

Relieved after that I moved my head around again. A man talking in his phone and holding a clear bag with a pile of documents approached towards me. He then came over, threw that clear bag on that bench and sat over it. Oh man! Who on earth put his ass over the precious documents. I felt so displeasing. Pity on that clear bag.

That busy road lured me again. There was this blue coloured scuty rolling its wheels towards me and the one handling it was a very comely girl. Red top, black jeans, black sunglasses. For a sec.i thought she was coming for me and I got myself contained in my respective bench with a slight increase in heart beat. But before she could reach there, I saw a red pulsar behind. A skinny guy with black wind cheater on, red helmet, black mask riding it. I recognized. That was my cousin, I had to leave.

I stood up, walked towards him and that girl…. I didn’t know where she got vanished. And yes she wasn’t there for me…LOL


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