Kailali Carnage!

It was 24th august, 2015.

After a hectic day, to restraint all the tiredness I had throughout the day I opened up my laptop and immediately logged into my Facebook. As soon as I entered the home page of Facebook, I saw a status stating “Those who attacked and burnt police alive aren’t Nepalese”. Jeez! What kind of people can do such wild activity? The rage within me erupted.
I scrolled down the news feed. I saw a shared link where the headline was “8 killed in Tikapur clash” with a picture of many people beating up a police. I had this feeling in my mind, ‘how can the citizens be safe in such country where the security personnel themselves aren’t?’
I scrolled down more. I saw a similar link where ‘a person being burnt alive’ was shown. I read the headline just to find out that the person burning was an SSP. I got devastated and threw some coarse words whoever did that.
And there was a post sharing a picture. A picture showing the dead body of a police and alongside him a little innocent baby lying. And it was breathtaking when I found that the baby succumbed to bullet injuries. I took a long breathe, chanted ‘rip’ within me.
Now, I got little nervous scrolling down. But somehow I was doing that. And I witnessed the same types of status, posts, shares and comments all over the facebook news feed. The status all were ending with words like “#RIP, #kailali, #RIP_dead_souls, #TogetherWithNepaliPolice”. I was like pheww.
This can’t be us, this can’t be Nepalese, no, never. Killing our own security personnel, this isn’t what we brave Gorkhalis do. This isn’t the sign of our bravura. But, alas, it happened. Right here in our own land, infront of thousands of eyes, with no hesitation and no mercy.

Actually, the government, the major party leaders might be found guilty which most of the people believe. Since few weeks, Nepal hasn’t been in a peaceful condition. The promulgation of the new constitution as predicted hasn’t been successful yet and the date has been postponed time and again. Beside this failure in delineation of the constitution, the chaos in Nepal has been created by different protesters raising their own demands, indigenous people trying to address their wants, Hindus trying to make Nepal as a Hindu state, others coming down in streets for secularism and Nepal banda issued by different parties. The news readers, newspaper editors are being busy stating no good news to all the Nepalese all over Nepal.

Amid all of these, the major parties announced the demarcation of Nepal with six-province model which engendered a lot of dissatisfaction all over Nepal causing people to start protests and strikes. People created havoc in their respective regions saying that their demands aren’t addressed yet. Different groups of people chanting slogans for getting their own province has created a very challenging condition for all the major party leaders.

Among these protests, Tharus are also one who has been demanding for a separate tharuhat/tharuwan state including the most tharu dominated districts like kailali, banke, bardiya, kanchanpur and dang. They’ve been protesting against the model day in day out.
Few days ago, the three major parties inked seven-state agreement to mitigate the disappointment of previous model all over the Nepal.
But yet again the demands of tharus remain unaddressed.

It’s obvious of them being more furious this time. Their wrath, their rage, fury, anger had been increasing with no doubt. They were protesting against the demarcation decision my party leaders before maybe in a peaceful way but now they are out of control. They are being like an animal set free out of a cage with that hunger which can attack to anyone or anything found.

No wonder their madness was witnessed by hundreds of people on Monday, 24th of august. The security personnel did all they can to stop the enraged protesters. But no, they were unstoppable that day. They were down to the streets that day with this mission that their demands had to be listened by the government anyhow or else they were ready to show how cruel, how wild they could be creating such an obnoxious environment.
But who could stop the volcanic wrath raising from their inside? who could cease a burning fire lit by their anger? who could defy their madness? no one. The security personnel had to become the victims. Here comes the worst part they also pulled the trigger towards a house of an APF constable where there was his two-year-old son. It’s very displeasing to state that the little kid who hadn’t seen the world yet died in that very moment.

Whose eyes won’t get wet witnessing these violence? Whose ears won’t blast hearing such disaster? whose heart won’t melt? whose body won’t shake? Who wouldn’t get traumatized? That baby, what had he done to those people? Has he been guilty for any reason? Was he the one who wasn’t addressing their demands? A big NO. Then, why? Why he had to suffer? Why would anybody do such irrational activity? Well, that baby still hadn’t known who he is? Who his parents are? That his father died doing some good deed. He still was unaware of his country Nepal where people are chanting Lord Buddha (sign of peace) was born in Nepal in one moment and in another moment they are killing each other. At least he had to know this irony.

Yet another black day registered in this deleterious year 2015 after that huge earthquake of april 25. People across the country have got traumatized. They have been updating in social networking sites, talking in their gatherings and making comments over this incident. Nepali police, who were the one to help thousands of victims in the huge earthquake incident taking themselves in risk. They were the real altruistic people, real hero and now what present they have got from their own citizens and own brothers. A death.

Everyone is busy cursing that crowd but have anyone been thinking why this brutal incident occurred? Why those people became such wild and cruel? Why they had to kill and burn down the police alive? It’s obvious being a human being no one likes to kill other but why they had to? No, no one is.

Well the reason straightly may be their demands not being heard by the governments. But they didn’t have to be such wild for this reason. There are merely a number of people satisfied with the government’s actions and most of us are dissatisfied off-course. For this reason if we start killing each other like this then imagine what will be the condition of our country, Invidious. This incident definitely has increased the hate towards tharu community or whoever has done this but also it should increase the concern of government towards their slogans too.

Nonetheless, whatever is the reason, whatever have happened, we ourselves have to bear this loss. Not to forget eight polices along with three protesters have died who are no other than us, Nepalese. We have lost some brave souls, loyal hearts, sincere, honest, devoted and hardworking force. Now, we don’t have anything to do else wishing their departed soul to rest in peace in heaven, the families of deceased ones to have enough courage to overcome this grief. Giving sympathy and condolences is what others may do but now we’ve got to express our empathy towards them, we’ve got to feel that pain like this is happening to ourselves because they were none other than our own saviours.

Let’s just get together praying for those dead livings, stand beside them not to get forgotten and wishing such even not to happen again.

RIP all you brave hearts.


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