20th sep., 2k15 ; A day to Cherish, A day to Remember…

“…because at the end of the storm there’s a golden sky.”

So, the day has arrived that was desperately awaited by all the Nepalese people.
A day of joy, A day of happiness. Better to say ‘A day of Triumph’. And today, all of us Nepalese are victorious. It’s not a party, it’s not a caste, it’s not a religion or region, It’s us NEPALESE who has gone through the hard times, all those struggles and hurdles and has finally bagged the victory. We won the battle which ultimately delivered something that we were waiting and seeking for years, ‘SAMBIDHAN’, ‘THE NEW CONSTITUTION’.

Yes, the constitution has been promulgated in our country, Nepal with the overwhelming two-thirds majority dated 20th September, 2015. It took nearly seven and half years to draft the new constitution as the first constitution assembly failed to complete it which sat on 2008.

This is the day of success, the day of pride. The dream that we were having since 70 years has been achieved and it’s really a huge thing that we all waited for so long so patiently.

For all these years, there’s no any calculations of the pain and sorrow that we all went through. We suffered a lot. A lot of us fought for this, shed their blood and also sacrificed their own lives. We may have gone through a lot of difficulty and hard times within all these years but not now. We have been provided by the best prize ever ‘constitution’.

One of the best feature of this constitution for me is the ‘SECULARISM’. Recently there had been so much of violent protests going on for the declaration of Nepal as a ‘hindu nation’ which I thought wasn’t a good thing for the sake of other religions to have their full right. a myriad of people belonging to different religions have been staying in Nepal since years with the unity and collaboration needed and there has been no fight just because of this. So, it was kind of gibberish to declare Nepal as a hindu state. Anyway, nation has been retained as a secular state, good for everyone, good for every religion.

Also, there were few votes against the newly delineated statute, and they have intimidated with the possible happening of ‘the long awaited battle’. Nonetheless, we all hope that it will be solved sooner creating not much troubles to us, to our country, Nepal though I personally think that the government should’ve pondered a bit more about their demands as well.

Anyway, this may be the best day in Nepal’s history, a splendid day. So, let’s get together. Let’s hold our hands and march forward. Let’s give birth to new hopes and enthusiasm. Let’s remove all the bloody black clouds on our way and get illuminated by the rays of sweet dreams again. Let’s pray for the good of all of us and our beautiful nation to move forward in the path of prosperity. Let’s hope we’ll be shining in the global map.

Let’s celebrate this astounding day.

Congratulations to all of us. Jay Nepal!BN-KI438_0916ne_TOP_20150916162742


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