Season of Shortages!

Not even a week since the promulgation of ‘ The Constitution of Nepal, 2072’, Nepal has been hit so terribly by various stuffs leading to a stack of pressure and tension in each and everyone’s mind.

In the previous week, the 20th September, there was happiness, there was excitement, there was outburst energy, there was new hopes and dreams along with the sweetest smiles ever across the whole country as the long awaited ‘Constitution’ was announced. Everyone of us, from kids to senior citizen, from labours to prosper people, from students to businessmen and from we, the citizens to politicians were having this new package of daydream that would eventually be overseen by the new constitution. They were just overflowing.
But everything that we dreamt are being none other than a complete ‘delusion’ to all of us. The thing that we never wanted to be is happening, yes! our hopes are just confined in another parallel world called ‘Fantasy’.

Describing the current situation of Nepal would be a ‘Pathetic’ job. The political instability and misunderstanding, the India – Nepal border conflict and the shortages of various daily needs has created a serious ‘havoc’ across the country. The situation we are going through is just horrible. What we had expected after the birth of new constitution and what we are facing nowadays are just at the opposite poles that are never meant to meet or they might not ever.
So, is this what the constitution has delivered to us?

These days people wake up early in the morning, have some energetic morning walk just to enervate themselves by the grimace look of their respective cities. The sun may rise and shine, but still it appears gloomy to us. We must be proud of us how we have defeated the natural energy of sun eradicating its radiation and creating a bleak environment around us. After adulterating oneself with that meaningless morning walk people get themselves buying a newspaper just to sadden themselves more and have a ‘bad-morning’.
All that newspaper readers can read these days are shortages, protests and disasters.

The thing that tops the list of shortages would be ‘petrol and diesel’. I had this walk today around pulchowk, lalitpur just to oppress myself seeing that long queue of motorists for petrol and vehicles for diesel. And the worst part is that the petrol pump is still closed and the people in the queue wait so desperately not even knowing whether there will be petrol supplies or not. Such a ‘chaos’ we are hurdling with.

Now, the government have enforced the odd-even number plate system to ration the fuel after the prolonged banda in tarai have blocked the supply of fuel inside the country. Well, that would even be more suffering for the citizens. Government should have a healthy table talk with the madhesi people, observe their demands and do whatever will restrain the current awful situation nor finding these kind of inane alternative ideas to save the fuel. This will instead push people far away from their human rights.
Cooking gas shortage, cargo clearance from india delayed, border point remains closed, tarai protest heat up food prices, markets not being fancy on the eve of the festive season and blah blah blah. What else? What more? For how long? Why? What may solve? All these questions remain unanswered though.

People of this generation are like,” i’ll pay you whatever amount of money you want, just feed me my needs. Money isn’t the issue.
but the condition these days are like, “no matter what amount of money you can pay, we just can’t feed you with your needs. Money isn’t the issue again.”

And here’s the most greatest festival of all for us, ‘Dasai and Tihar’ is around the corner and we are facing such deleterious condition where we are running out of our daily basic requirements whilst being glamorous and fancy is too far. Well, it feels too wretched to say ‘pity on us’.

But whatever is the condition, whatever we have to go through we wont Back off because we are so-called ‘bir gorkhalis’, are we not?
I’d like to have a plea to all of us that in this ‘Dasai’ festival, don’t just shower blesses to your kids rather save it for our country. Our country may need more blessing than every one of us do in this very situation. Another plea would be to every people belonging to different religion across the country as it has been declared that Nepal is a secular state, Please visit your temple, gumba, church, musjid and convey the current condition of our country to your respective ‘God’ to listen and rejuvenate it again.
Let’s stay strong.
Nothing in this world is permanent.
We surely will figure something out.
We will rise again.
Jay Nepal!



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