The world outside the Window…

Emptiness all around.
A guy is just all alone in his room having a seat by the side of the window. He’s free and has got nothing to do. He’s completely blank. The emptiness. The hollowness he feels is exaggerating him. He feels like there’s a huge void between him and the world outside. Actually, he hasn’t still got a chance to get coalesced with the outer world which he is waiting with great curiosity. That window by his side. He thinks whatever he gazes through that window is the world outside for him. He scans the huge buildings, left to right, top to down and the street laid down.

I’m wasting my time, he says to himself. Pulls down the curtains and then turns himself from that window. He finds his laptop open and some applications running. Being clueless what he’s doing, he just opens some of them, checks out the ongoing processes and minimizes again just because he has do it again after few moments. He opens his Mozilla firefox browser. Tries to open well, the internet is horribly slow. Fuck this, facebook is for kids, he yells trying to dispel the fact that he couldn’t scroll down the news feed which nowdays has been a best way to kill the time.
Let’s try some more, he murmurs and opens in the next tab. And it opened way too fast than that facebook. Hell yeah! He screams. He randomly picks up a video that appears on the homepage. Well, the slow racing internet this time couldn’t deny his request. Such a crap! I can watch videos but can’t browse facebook, mysterical internet I have, he ponders over this fact.

An irritating whining sound. He ignores and continues with his youtube. It doesn’t stop. He can’t tolerate, pulls the curtain aside to check what the hell was that. Son of a bitch! How can a dog bark like this? He express his astonishment. Turns around and try to browse his stuck facebook account again. But, he fails this time too and switches the tab to videos. The dog doesn’t stop barking yet. He just can’t stand this. He already has thrown some coarse words on that dog, within himself. He hears some people screaming from their respective windows to make him keep quiet. He got encouraged by them, pops his head outside the window and hollers at the dog shut up boy. Spitting all the anger to that dog he felt relieved as he evaporated a bit of anger and frustration of his own life alongside.

He shuts down the window and turns his gaze towards the laptop again. Problem loading page? Dafuq! He howls again as he saw the wifi signal in his laptop already gone. Loadshedding. Disappointment added to his disappointed life. What am I supposed to do now? He starts to find some alternatives. He dug the hard drive in his laptop. Nothing seems interesting. Movies, a folder reads. From a list of unseen movies, he picked one and reserved the next 2 hours of his life for that movie.
15 minutes gone. Loud and high-pitched voices, laughs and shouting. He got distracted. Looks down the window. Holy shit! Where are these hotties heading? Seeing a bunch of hot girls down on the streets, he speaks to himself. It’s after midday. The scorching sun, dry environment, hot climate and those girls adding the warmth. Global warming is surely happening, he utters with a broad smile on his face. The girls entered to a residence to the left. Seems like I’m gonna have some joy from this window, talks inside broadening his previous smile still more. He heard some birthday wishes from that residence. Not again, he is saddened by the fact that they are going to throw a party, create loud noise tonight and keep him away from his sleep. The day before yesterday he was dragged into the same condition by people just in front of his residence. They were partying till late night and he was forced to complain about the noisy environment created. He just wants that thing to repeat again tonight though it would’ve been permissible if he was invited in that party.

Resumes the movie. 30 minutes gone. Bullshit! This movie smells like shit. Nothing interesting yet. He found the movie absolutely boring. His cursor found its way to end the vlc media player. He immediately closes the lid of his laptop and reach for his cell phone. Unlocked it. Blank. Now, he’s confused why did he even touch his phone. There’s nothing to do without a wifi signal in it. He dumped the phone somewhere on the bed.

Those bewildered eyes started scanning around the corner again. They caught a book on his table. Oh shit! I’ve got to finish this one, he opened the book, took the beautiful book marker out, it was page no. 156. He was supposed to finish the book the day before yesterday but his friends came over his place and couldn’t. Yesterday he went somewhere and added one more day to the due day list. He immediately got himself into the book.
Page no.170. Bang. He heard something nearby. It’s the window again which is assisting him to gaze the world outside for him. He looks around and found there’s some curious windows already been opened to find out what was wrong. He turns his sight towards a building where every other windows were staring. A man was yelling and knocking at the door. He was screaming Open the door, didn’t you get me? He probably must have created a dispute with his wife and she must have locked herself inside. Every curious window had this feeling because they are the only couple in that community who argues a lot. But they are still living together, maybe this is the power of their relationship established through marriage. Such a ruthless guy, he whispered showing pity to his wife. What are you people watching? Shut the window, no one dared to reply that stony words. So, every curious window got shut with that obnoxious voice.

He helds his novel again. Shit! Where’s my marker? It took him few minutes to get back to the page where he was before. Page no. 190. He feels quite tired. He spilt a glass of water from a thermos on his table and took some sip. He resumes the book.
Page no. 215. The environment is pretty silent now. He puts the book marker in his book and opens the window and checks where that irritating dog has gone. He hasn’t barked since like 2 hours. But he wasn’t there, maybe taken inside or sleeping somewhere else. Or has the owners thrown him out of the building as it was disturbing everyone around? Who cares? He speaks out. Oh wait! But I do, he realises that he was kind of upset about the disappearance of the dog all of a sudden. This is so insane. That dog who barks a lot and disturbs, whines a lot and irritates. He disappeared now, he is no more there and still despite being happy the guy is upset. This proves how fragile a human being and his heart is. Being negatively obsessed. Forget it, that was just a dog, he tries to generate some complacence. He is upset though.

Page no.228. Another glass of water he emptied. He needs to pee. when he returns his dumped phone rings with a notification tone. He unlocked with some eagerness. Hey dude! can you visit me today in that coffee shop we went last time? I got something for you, he reads the text and replied just ‘Ok’ and locked the phone again. That ‘Ok’ wasn’t ‘Ok’ though.
Page no.243. What a nice ending, he appreciated the author’s work and closed the book.

He scans the room again. Nothing to do, loadshedding still. No interest in resuming the movie which he stopped earlier. Turns to the right, finds the same Window, smiling at him, crying to get opened and curious as usual to show him the world outside.
He opens the window, rest his elbow on the frame and silently gazes around again. An old woman on a chair at balcony in front of him watching down the road, she has no other thing to do anyway. The girls on the left building screaming and shouting. The man who argued with his wife earlier is going somewhere, he hopes that he isn’t leaving. A biker riding on the street like he’s the only one rider in the city. Fucker, his murmur continues. A man with bald head, specs on, side bag, formal wear walks along the path who has caught the guy’s eyes since few days. That man looks pathetic, tired of his life. He just wish, when I’ll be in his age may god bless me.

As he was about to close the window and covert himself in his room again he heard the whining sound again. He literally shouted with a smile, Oh doggy! You’re still there.images


2 thoughts on “The world outside the Window…

  1. very good initiative dai !!
    And coming towards tge blog all that u mentioned is really a very good stuff ,which is actually happening to a normal guy..


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