Ray-Ban Girl..

The sharp sun rays illuminating the windshield of a Hiace microbus. A small looking mirror just in front of the driver’s seat in which I could see a very few things but could imagine a world through that.

The right portion of the looking mirror was covered by the left part of the driver’s face which suggests that he’s not ok with his life or he’s done rotating the stirring and driving that shit. He’s tired. But the left portion of the looking mirror was exceptionally beautiful. It had hidden a lot of things, a lot of interesting things I would say. That was leading me to be more curious. I couldn’t just stop staring to that left portion and stop my mind from engendering a lot of options about the truth behind that.

The left portion of the looking mirror. It included only the right part of a pair of shades. It was black obviously with golden border and on top of the right corner something was written. I couldn’t figure out what that was but I am sure it was ‘RAY-BAN’ in some stylish font. To make things more interesting, a tuft of hairs was lingering covering half part of the fair forehead and the other part of the shades.

I was sitting just at the back of driver’s seat. The Hiace microbus was running at it’s best speed through the highway to reach the Capital city as soon as possible. The left portion of the looking mirror. The first time I saw that amusing little thing, I was astonished. From the back seat I could only see the long black silky hair hanging behind. Not to forget the tips of the hairs were dyed with some kind of golden color. I knew it, it was a girl sitting there. The driver with no doubt must be in cloud 9 for having her by his side the whole day. And I named her ‘RAY-BAN GIRL’.

That right part of the black shades in the looking mirror. I must admit they were assigned a very sophisticated job of protecting a pair of alluring eyes from the scorching sun rays entering through the windshield of that Hiace. I guess those sun rays were just lucky to face such loyal shades and if they managed to enter through those shades, it must feel honored to encounter a pair of fascinating eyes. Those fascinating eyes with trimmed eyebrows, managed eyelashes decorated with eyeliner whatever girls call it.

Oh! That left portion of the looking mirror. That was intriguing me indeed. My curiosity and anxiety was increasing minute to minute. Who is she? Where is she going? How is she? Is she a charming one? or even more that I can’t limit myself adoring her. Or will it turn out to be mysteriously bad or funny? I was in hurry to get to know all about this. Actually, I was in haste to have a that first glimpse of her face and to know her, to talk to her. Yes, I was enchanted a lot.

Pondering into those black shades, eyes protected by them and the long silky hairs would take me to some kind of dreamland or fantasy. And that would doze me off for some minutes or hours. It was a long journey as well. I was somewhere in the middle of my congenial dream. ‘ Maybe I was with her. Maybe I was taking off those loyal black shades from her face and maybe I was getting myself brighten up with her sharp views through her mysterious eyes. Maybe I was having a heavenly pleasure in presence of her.’

“Ok! People. Freshen up yourself. Get your bladder emptied.” The conductor summoned as the Hiace stopped somewhere. The conductor. He was a little guy aged around 11/12. Seeing such a kid hanging by a vehicle’s door was a serious ache to my heart. I wonder who must be his parents? Why did they send him for such work? What must be his future? But, it might be his compulsion. God has provided the earth with diversity and unequality in every field. Phewww. I had some sympathetic feeling for him.
But, whoever he is. Whatever might be his condition. He pulled me out of my dreamland. I cursed him for that. Later, I thought this is the time to face her, to reveal that mysterious shades as she will be off the Hiace to freshen herself up . I thought I should take those curse back.

With a huge feeling of hope, I got myself off. But she didn’t. I got myself fresh. Still, she didn’t get off. She was there like a statue. I couldn’t just get closer and face her straight as well. That would make me a real jerk. I didn’t do that. 5 minutes and the Hiace restarted its engine. I just hollered “doesn’t she need to pee?” but it was within myself. That panicked me.

So, the mystery behind the black ray-ban shades continued.

It was almost 5 hours since the Hiace departed. I was loosing hope of seeing her face and knowing her. But then there was one last chance for me. The Hiace would stop somewhere for afternoon snacks and that would be the perfect time for me fulfill my desires. I smiled. Actually, my heart smiled.

I dozed off again.

The driver sidelined the Hiace somewhere at ‘eklephant’ for afternoon snacks. We all got off to have something to eat. I was desperately waiting and my anxious eyes were looking for her to get off as soon as possible. But, still she didn’t. I thought she will come off later. Having this hope in my heart i entered the only restaurant there. I had just a cup of tea. It was almost 10/15 min.since the Hiace stopped there. The conductor, that same little kid summoned everyone to get in the vehicle ASAP so that we wont get late.
She was still there like a statue again. Why? What’s going on? Is she all-right? Doesn’t she has to eat? It was too much for me. The enchantment from my heart was erupting and I couldn’t just stand it. I went by the side of the driver’s window and watched her straight to her face.
“ holy shit! ” I screamed. What was that? My inside parts got torn down. It was all in vibration mode. I saw her face and it was something that I hadn’t expected or say that I never wanted to see. The half part of the face, the right part was all burnt. It was horrible.

“ Someone there to get off at kalanki?” the conductor asked in a coarse voice.
I woke up. That boy got me out of my dream once again but this time from a horrible dream. I thanked him for that this time.
“ Thank god! It was a dream.” I literally whispered. I had a long nap. And I got to know that we didn’t stop for afternoon snacks as we were short of enough time. Then, I had a quick scan from the side window. It was almost dark. Vehicles running on the kalanki road were already lightening their headlights and shops by the side of the road were all brightened up by white fluorescent lamps. I realized that I had to get off there at kalanki.
“ Stop in front of Baba petrol pump.” I asked the conductor and started getting my sidebag and stuffs.

Suddenly, I remembered about that ray-ban girl. I almost forgot about her while hurrying to get my stuffs to get off. I lifted my head up and had a straight glance towards that seat by the side of the driver where the mystery was originated, from where the curiosity was evolved. That left portion of the looking mirror, that black ray-ban shades, I wanted to watch it once again for one last time.
I was startled to know that there was none there. She has already got off while I was having a long nap.

And the Mystery continued….



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