Happy Dipawali…!

An it’s here again, Once again at our premise.
Tihar/Dipawali following the greatest festival of our’s, Dashai, bringing more joy, happiness and blessedness to our life. Not to forget keeping us busy for the preparation of those fireworks, lightning bulbs and sacred ‘diyos’. People celebrate it with divine pleasure and end the Festive season with a style.

Dipawali starts with serving the bird ‘crow’, our so-called ‘messenger’. We call it ‘Kaag tihar’. This day starts with providing good food to those message server hoping that they would bring good news to us in our coming days.
The second day. ‘kukur tihar’. Oh! i love this day. The day of our lovely pets, ‘Dogs’. We call them the most loyal server who guards our house through day and night. We love them more, fed them some fancy meal and plea to them to stay as loyal as they are and secure us.
Then, comes the day when people have to satisfy goddess ‘Laxmi’, ‘The God for wealth/money’. Everyone gets busy cleaning their house and decorating it with diyos and lights for people believe that She, The Goddess Laxmi will enter only into the neat and well decorated house. No wonder, we can see every houses brightened up and welcoming her with an immensely beautiful smile.
The following day, people celebrate ‘Gobardan pooja’ worshiping the sacred animal in Hindu religion ‘Cow’. We call her as ‘Gaumata’, worship her early in the morning, provide better food than as usual hoping she will bless us.
The last day, ‘Bhaitika’ which everyone awaits so desperately. The day of ‘Siblings’. The day to strengthen the relation among them. On this day, sisters put ‘tika’ on the forehead of her brother and decorate it with colors wishing her brother’s life be filled with such colors of success. It’s actually like worshiping brothers, feeding them sweet and tasty foods. And the brothers return the favor by giving her the gifts just to see a big smile on her face.
And the festival gets over.

Well, it’s all about religious belief. Doing all these things and wishing a pile of things, people never know if these will work out or not. It’s just a way to celebrate the festival and be happy being together. Feeding good foods to crows & dogs hoping to get better service from them on these days, it’s just hypothetical. If you have a tender heart, serve them everyday and never hope for any more, i would say. There’s no need to wait for a specified day. And Laxmi pooja, it’s not like you’ll make your house so clean, well decorated and The goddess will immediately enter filling your house with a pile of money and wealth. You just need to be holy from inside, be sacred and you’ll always stay blessed.
However, i wish everyone to have a splendid celebration. I hope everyone celebrate these five days with great joy being more and more godly. Whatever you wish may come knocking at your door soon. May the Goddess Laxmi will always be there at your right no matter if your house is well decorated or not. May she stay there forever to make you people more wealthy, prosperous and lucrative. May the bond between the siblings gets even more tighter and stronger on the auspicious occasion of ‘bhaitika’. And may the relationship never fades away.
Happy Tihar/Dipawali,
Lighten up your home, Brighten up your life.
Enjoy Responsibly!



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