Lift Please..!

We, people here in Nepal don’t approach much for Lift system. We would rather walk, take a crowded local bus/micro just to get sandwiched between. We would rather get late for our work and write a late arrival application. I don’t get this, if we feel embarrassed or what to ask for a lift. And it’s not only the problem of Pedestrians, but the main issue is about the riders. They won’t provide an easy lift to anyone. They will just say that they are going somewhere else and prevent themselves from increasing the load in their bikes. Again, I don’t get this. What on earth will happen if they provide a lift to those who are being late to somewhere. It feels so disgraceful.

Moreover, the condition of Nepalese streets these days are so painful. The shortage of petroleum products due to the blockade by India has raised the hurdles here. Fewer number of local vehicles and bikes are running. The local buses are so packed that passengers have to search a gap to place their foot. They may bear suffocation as well. In this extremely onerous condition, bikes with only riders on it are the most suitable solution to mitigate these problems.

Today, I was getting kind of late for my office. I was rushing down the streets to get to the bus station. Looking at my watch, it was already 9 o’clock and I thought it would be too late if I wait for a local bus. I thought of asking for lift to the bikers who were riding smoothly keeping their bikes load-free. I asked for the lift twice but both of them said they can’t even though I asked them to drop me a just a few hundreds meters ahead. And the reason they stated was that they were going somewhere else. Well, god knows where they were heading. Also I had no guts to ask lift to girls as I didn’t like to get considered as a jerk. Later, I got lift from a guy who was kind enough to drop me nearby my office. At that moment I was like ‘finding a God while looking for stones’. Thanks to him.

Well, if every rider becomes like him then there would be no more suffocation in the local buses or no girls would have to suffer an unnoticed sexual harassment while being sandwiched in that crowd.
I’ve also heard some guys knowingly approach towards a girl standing by the road side and ask them if they want a lift OR some guys asking for the lift to girls for the sake of having fun. Well, nothing to say for them. God bless those Bastards.
Whatever, the main thing is, I would like to plea on behalf of all the pedestrians to those mighty riders, Please don’t leave the seat behind you vacant. If someone asks you for the lift, help them however you can For God Sake.

To all the pedestrians, don’t feel embarrassed or absurd to ask for the lift, it’s not a crime.
To all the riders, having a man on your back seat won’t consume more fuel.

Feel free to ask for lift,
Feel the pleasure in helping others,
It’s all about Humanity.



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