When you’ll be gone,
This vast universe may collapse,
Everything may vanish and I may be all-alone again.

 When you’ll be gone,
Flowers may stop blossoming,
The sweet saint it spreads may cease.

 When you’ll be gone,
The sun may not seem so bright and hot,
The moon may not seem so beautiful as before.

 When you’ll be gone,
Days will be harder to pass,
Nights will be even more longer.

 When you’ll be gone,
These feelings probably will end up in trash,
And my heart may just turn into a barren land.

 When you’ll be gone,
Maybe river will start flowing upstream,
Maybe these immense mountains will go down.

 When you’ll be gone,
Sky may not seem so blue,
Roses may not seem so bloody red.

 When you’ll be gone,
I swear to god I’ll miss you more than anything else,
I’ll miss you till eternity,
I’ll wait you forever,
Till the red cat catches a blue mouse,
Till the sun shines from west and sets in the east,

When you’ll be gone,
When you’ll be gone.





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