The Worst Saturday Ever..!

Every year when winter arrives making everything chill and gloomy, my mind implicitly says,”common cold is looking for you.” For at least a time, i suffer from this viral disease every year though i don’t fall sick which i usually don’t face. I generally can’t remember the last time i was medicated and fell in be due to some sickness.
But, the winter of 2K15 is being something peculiar than the previous ones. Completely troublesome and painful. Firstly, i can’t sleep till late because of the office and secondly the cold has already gained access of my body since few days.

It was 28th november, saturday. I’m talking about yesterday. More cold and gloomier than ever while everyone along with me expects it to be a bright,shiny and lovely day. Because it’s the day we all have a break from the continuous six days of office works and relax.
I, after having office from sunday to friday was planning to have a blissful day on saturday taking everything aside that concerns compulsion. Wanted to have a warm and congenial time with this cold environment. But, i was unable.
As i was caught by cold since few days, the continuous mucus and cough was irritating me and was making my days horrible. Yesterday i woke up at around 7 which is earlier compared to other days. This may be because of the joy in the mind that says,’it’s saturday, you can do whatever you want on your will.’ As soon as i opened my eyes, i felt the cold breeze entering from my window and striking my head. My nose completely blocked and throat jammed. I didn’t feel my head was in normal state so i thought of sleeping some more time so that it will fade away later. I slept.
Then, it was around 10 on my phone when i opened my eyes. The expectation about my condition and the result was completely opposing. I felt my head weighing around a quintal. The continuous bulking pressure from inside was too awful. Likewise, the nose was still blocked and throat was so coarse like my voices would’ve to struggle a lot to come out from them. I just pressed my head with both hands and stayed there as i was. It wasn’t within my energy to step down from my bed. I look towards my roommate’s mate, he was sleeping like he wasn’t since a month. And i quilted myself again in my blanket.
Then, the third time i woke up i got confirmed that i am cought with headache too. The thing that i usually don’t face happened yesterday, ‘Falling in bed due to sickness.’
Falling sick is bad but it’s worst when there’s no one to ask how you are? And this is the time when you miss your home, especially mom more than ever. That hurts much more. I don’t want to take my mind towards that but it’s going totally uncontrolled. It thinks, it produces such things that seriously don’t want to face. And that makes me more emotional.
Suddenly, i realized i had a plan to have a small get together with two of my old pals. But, that won’t happen now. I blamed myself for that, for not being able to make that happen. And the more worst part was, we can’t manage time in the week days. So, saturday was perfect which my health ruined. I just texted to my friend about it, i don’t know if he believed or not, if he was thinking like i made up the words trying to escape that plan. But, his reply assuaged me that he did.

I took my curtains aside, fog was covering the atmosphere all around making it desolate. I felt like, me and the atmosphere are in the same condition, totally covered. I unlocked my phone trying to surf something to kill that boring time inside the blanket. But, my eyes were burning like a fireball. I couldn’t use my phone for even for a few minutes. I would lock it and then unlock, which was the only thing i could do. Amid that boredom and dizziness, i would fall asleep which was out of my realization. Every time i woke up, i would check the time and open the curtains. Both of the things would make me more hopeless. The time, it was running so fast. I was just lying on my bed knowing that my precious day is rushing away from me. And the atmosphere, it’s being more and more bleak and depressing.

Looking at my phone, it suggested that it was evening phase of the day which wasn’t possible to find out looking at the atmosphere outside. I felt my stomach hollering at me. I just got off the bed, had something to eat. While i was on my own foot, it was like being on a dangling boat, totally unbalanced and whirling.
I thought the awaited day has been escaped from my hand. Everything i had planned are crushed by now. I just spent my day lying on my bed and staring at the ceilings colored white. And thinking what would it be like if i wasn’t in this condition, where would i go, whom would i meet and what would i be doing. It hurt and the pain was more sharp when i realized i would have to wait six more days to do those things all over again.

I didn’t know when did i dozed off again. But, when i woke up and pull the curtains aside, it was totally dark, the day had ended.







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