Lift Please..!

We, people here in Nepal don’t approach much for Lift system. We would rather walk, take a crowded local bus/micro just to get sandwiched between. We would rather get late for our work and write a late arrival application. I don’t get this, if we feel embarrassed or what to ask for a lift. And … More Lift Please..!

Happy Dipawali…!

An it’s here again, Once again at our premise. Tihar/Dipawali following the greatest festival of our’s, Dashai, bringing more joy, happiness and blessedness to our life. Not to forget keeping us busy for the preparation of those fireworks, lightning bulbs and sacred ‘diyos’. People celebrate it with divine pleasure and end the Festive season with … More Happy Dipawali…!

दबिएको आवाज….

साँझको करिब ६ बज्न आटेको थियो होला l म सधैँझैँ अफिसको कामले लखतरान हुदै आफ्नो डेरा तर्फ फर्कदै थिए l बाइक चढ्न पेट्रोल छैन, गाडी चढौ झुन्डिन ठाउँ पनि पाउदैन | हिडेरै काम चालाउथे र त्यो थकान मेटाउन एउटा चिया पसलमा सधैँ एक कप चिया र चुरोट खान्थे | आज पनि त्यस्तै भयो l त्यहि … More दबिएको आवाज….

Season of Shortages!

Not even a week since the promulgation of ‘ The Constitution of Nepal, 2072’, Nepal has been hit so terribly by various stuffs leading to a stack of pressure and tension in each and everyone’s mind. In the previous week, the 20th September, there was happiness, there was excitement, there was outburst energy, there was … More Season of Shortages!

20th sep., 2k15 ; A day to Cherish, A day to Remember…

“…because at the end of the storm there’s a golden sky.” So, the day has arrived that was desperately awaited by all the Nepalese people. A day of joy, A day of happiness. Better to say ‘A day of Triumph’. And today, all of us Nepalese are victorious. It’s not a party, it’s not a … More 20th sep., 2k15 ; A day to Cherish, A day to Remember…

Kailali Carnage!

It was 24th august, 2015. After a hectic day, to restraint all the tiredness I had throughout the day I opened up my laptop and immediately logged into my Facebook. As soon as I entered the home page of Facebook, I saw a status stating “Those who attacked and burnt police alive aren’t Nepalese”. Jeez! … More Kailali Carnage!