BHAITIKA! To All Brothers & Sisters :)

Whenever you feel down, you feel depressed, you go out of your home looking for your best friend. You always consider them as someone to whom you can share your feelings to get yourself light & someone who can cheer you up.
But i say, don’t just run away. Don’t just go to your best friend’s, rather look around you in your home itself. You may go to he next room of your’s which may be your brother/sister’s. Go in. Share whatever you want to them and you will feel more better than ever cause they are the best friends you’ll ever have.

When you were just a little kid, you must have asked your parents for a small brother/sister even though you didn’t know anything about what you were wishing for. But, it was worth it indeed. Later, you got your wish done. You loved and cared your younger sibling as a little doll. You kept him/her as like your piece of heart. You helped him/her to walk, to speak, to smile and to grow up. Then, after when both of you gained enough consciousness, you started loving him more but now in unnoticed or unexpressed way. Your sibling started created problems for you. You fought a lot for small matters. You had arguments in each and every illogical things. All of a sudden, you felt like you shouldn’t have wished for the younger sibling anymore. S/he grew more and more being burden to you and to take away all the love & affection from your parents. You felt like you are being out-shadowed behind your sibling.

But, still s/he is someone who you passed your childhood with. With whom you shared your chocolate, with whom you laughed and cried, with whom you used to stay in home whenever your parents were out, with whom you played some boring game but still enjoyed it. He was the first friend you ever had who understood you and your conditions.
So, even if s/he started being burden to you, there’s an avalanche of love for him/her from your heart. Still, you go out with him/her to hang around. Still, you find him/her as a friend to talk everything you are going through, all about your affairs, your tension and every ups and downs. Still, you find him/her as the best company for your shopping. You want him/her to suggest what dress fits on you or suits you. And there’s s/he who every time says ,’ yuck! you’re looking so ugly’ but there’s your heart who translates that sentence into ‘ You are looking awesome.’

You spent your childhood loving each other unconditionally then you passed your teenage making each other as an invisible best friend and then there comes another phase in you two’s life.
Then, you come across with one depressing news that can never be changed. That has been written in the your forehead. One day you’ll wake up in the morning just to know that your sister is leaving home forever with someone. For a moment, you along with your parents will be happy knowing that she is stepping up for the next crucial phase in her life or she’s starting a real life. But then, you’ll realize that she won’t be there anymore by your side. The room next to your’s will stay vacant leaving space for spiders and bugs. There won’t be anyone to talk with you every time, to walk with you, to shop with you, to laugh and cry with you, to seize your food, to argue and fight with you and last but not the least to love you being by your side.

Then, that will be the time when you’ll have to go to your best friend’s whenever you feel down.
At that moment, you gonna miss her so badly and you can’t help yourself.

Mind it! there may not be much time to cherish each and every beautiful moments with her. To make every thing worthy and memorable. Don’t just let go your precious time in vain. Don’t let the love for her stay undercover in your heart. Make the bond more stronger & the relation more colorful like the colors of the ‘Bhaitika’ Don’t let her go like a river that will sweep all the love and won’t flow back, let her go like a wind that may return and strike on your face bringing more love. Make yourself sure that you won’t regret after she’s gone saying,’ shit! i wish we could go back to childhood. I never knew this was going to happen.’

Love her like a wholehearted person that will make her ‘Hug you and Shed tears in your shoulders’ more than she do for her parents while she’ll be going being married.

Happy Bhaitika to every Brothers & Sisters out there,
Make wishes for each other,
Enjoy the day to the fullest.

Brother and Sister Running
Brother and Sister Running

//** I wish reading this will help to strengthen the bonds between you **//


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